Education Coin

The Future of Education



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About Education Coin Online

Education is one of the most important things in the world. We are committed to creating a platform for education resources that is always online and completely fair, and that everyone in the world can benefit from it. This will be an educational and learning platform, where you can share the educational and knowledge resources you have, and you can also share the educational and knowledge resources with other platform users. We hope to be able to embrace higher education, job skills and all the resources available for learning. This is a great project, and we will continue to work for it.

Our Mission

We will build an education and knowledge resource platform based on blockchain technology, which will accommodate all open educational resources and enable users to freely access learning and knowledge resources. All educational resources are uploaded and freely Shared by users.

We will market EDCO and add a monetary mechanism on the EDCO platform to encourage people to share resources and get COINS, and encourage people to participate in community construction and get COINS. High-quality educational resources will need to be purchased by EDCO COINS, so as to form a healthy mechanism.

We will establish public MN area, and the generated EDCO will be donated to users in poor areas, so that they can get EDCO COINS and equal educational opportunities, which is also a very important link. We want those who benefit to be involved in helping build communities.